Weight Loss

Hipnosis weight loss classes. A fun, highly motivational 8-week course to change your mind about food, health and exercise and open the floodgates to your success!


Please email me (info@traceycolenlp.com) or text/call (07815016169) for further information or if you would like to get a group of friends together and book a course tailored just for you!

Weight loss, weight management, dieting…..hardly terms that conjure feelings of excitement and positivity; more often than not, it’s feelings of boredom, sadness and guilt. Each new fad diet or detox may sound like the easy route, but few people can sustain their focus on such extreme regimes. Using hypnotherapy and NLP to lose and manage your weight is a far cry from techniques that are only concerned with the body: using your mind to help you make the necessary changes can empower you to be more confident, inspired and hugely successful!

If you’ve ever felt that something was holding you back, something elusive or part of your make up, something that was preventing you from sustained weight loss and weight management success, then you’re right, there is. It’s part of the belief set you developed as a young child, when you’re mind was absorbing all the sights and sounds surrounding you and establishing a rule book for how you think and act. It contains a host of beliefs that limit your achievements and scupper your chances of long-term weight loss. These beliefs are deeply rooted in your unconscious mind, you are probably not even aware of what they are or how they affect you. Even your very best efforts ultimately go unrewarded because your unconscious mind is not working towards the same weight loss goal as you are. In fact, for most people, having a deep seated limiting belief surrounding health, fitness, food or weight loss can mean they are doomed to failure from the start.

NLP and hypnotherapy are means of connecting to the unconscious mind. NLP uses powerful language techniques that change the way you think and, therefore, the way you act. When you’re under hypnosis, your attention is highly focused, and you’re more responsive and receptive to suggestions, including behaviour changes that can help you to lose weight. In combination, NLP and hypnotherapy are unbelievably effective in changing our unconscious negative thoughts and beliefs, paving a more effortless way to accomplishing our goals.

Using these tools, we can easily uncover the limiting beliefs you’re already aware of – “I get bored on diets, so I can’t lose weight,” or “I don’t have the time to cook nutritious meals,” or “I’ve tried everything to lose weight and I’m still heavier than I want to be.” Then, using a simple technique, we can expose the unconscious limiting belief – and eliminate it right away! This is just the start of your incredibly exciting new journey! Hypnotherapy can aid in sealing in the psychological changes, whilst opening your mind to new suggestions of how to eat nutritious, balanced food, (whilst having treats too!) and how to begin to exercise more, wanting to exercise more and creating that all important motivation to drive your success!

Losing weight with a Coach is extremely motivationally, emotionally and practically supportive. This means you have daily email/text support throughout your coaching period, as well as 1:1 sessions. There is also the benefit of having someone who can teach you the techniques so that you can perform them on yourself. This allows you to continue to lose and manage your weight in the long-term. Moreover, the coachee-coach relationship is designed such that you will be challenged if the weight is not dropping off, a tactic which stimulates motivation!

Most people experience difficulties in the following, all of which NLP and hypnotherapy can impact, enabling you to feel that succeeding is the natural thing to do:

  • Having a restrictive diet – we’ll chat about methods to make sure that you can still have your treats and not feel that you’re denying yourself.
  • Having lots of excuses for why the weight isn’t shifting or why other methods may have failed – once we uncover the limiting self-beliefs, there can’t be any more excuses!
  • Feeling tempted to eat more than you know you should – we’ll discuss means of portion control, so that the temptation evaporates.
  • Feelings of sadness, boredom, loneliness, anguish, guilt cropping up – we’ll use Time Line Therapy™ to remove any and all negative emotions, whether they appear to be linked to your weight loss or not. This leaves you feeling wonderfully positive and able to tackle your continued weight loss more easily.
  • Having conflicts of interest – e.g., part of me wants to lose weight, but part of me just isn’t able/willing or is too stressed/tired etc. – we’ll confront these push-pull dynamics and enable you to remove conflicts, freeing up energy and making you feel less tired.
  • Motivation wanes – we’ll use several motivational techniques and you’ll have homework to practise them and find what works best for you!
  • Hitting the ‘wall’, feeling you’re not losing more weight or that you’re slipping a little in your weight loss – besides creating and topping up the motivation you need, we’ll also remove all limiting beliefs, those unconscious blind spots that prevent you from being, doing or having what you want.
  • Craving that ‘forbidden’ food. Whilst we’ll allow some treats, eating too many doesn’t make sense, even if you really crave them! We’ll learn a simple, yet effective technique to banish cravings!
  • Feeling sluggish – how to increase your metabolic rate safely and easily.


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