5 Little known mind methods for riding confidence

(What confidence riders do automatically, you can too!)

What stops you being the confident rider you long to be and how to start riding the way you know you can


Our new, live webinar is at 7pm on Thursday 12th July. Seats are limited, so please reserve yours now by clicking here

You’ll discover:

  • What’s stopping you from riding with a natural confidence and what to do about it. Remember the excitement you had for riding? Capture that feeling again, by learning how nerves can be overcome.
  • Whatever the reason behind your doubts, nerves and terrifying what ifs, there is one thing for sure: if you don’t work with your mind, you mind will seem to work against you. On this chat, we’ll discuss ways to break that self-sabotaging cycle.
  • How the mind creates and builds up that unwanted and unhlepful mindset and why so many other methods you’ve tried have slow or limited success. We’ll talk about quick, easy techniques to kick-start your confidence.
  • How to re-train your brain easily and in a way that paves the way to confidence, no matter what your riding fears may be or how long you’ve had them.

It’s time to stop the trial and error, the disappointment and frustration!

Pour yourself a cup of tea or glass of wine. And let’s have a rewarding chat. Come and join us on this free webinar and start your exciting journey to riding confidence.

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