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Hello Tracey!!

I’ve been doing terrific.

Seems like the old limitations are all gone, thanx to you, Tracey!!

I’ve had a couple of months off of sessions and hypnosis on purpose,

to notice what the changes I’ve made have affected my life. And I guess I have to say that all the changes are deep and meaningful. My life is turning out great,  I’ve literally got rid of brakes. The deepest changes I’ve noticed is the one of how I interact with other people. And there seems to be no barrier or hesitation.

It’s all thanx to you. I really appreciate it.

— Takeshi, Japan - Breakthrough Session

I was recommended to visit Tracey Cole by a close friend who had benefitted from her hypnotherapy for anxiety. I decided to try Time Line Therapy for emotional problems that have plagued me for 20+ years. I can honestly say, that although Time Line Therapy is like nothing I’ve ever done before (counselling, CBT, antidepressant prescriptions etc.), it has been the one thing that has helped me to turn myself around. After my first session, I bumped into some old friends who couldn’t believe the change in me and even the way I was holding myself! Thank-you, thank-you, Tracey.

— M.T., Cheshire

I would like to express my gratitude to Tracey. I tried many recordings on the online market concerning  stress and anxiety relief in the context of public speaking. Many worked well but for short period. So, I bought a custom hypnosis from Tracey…. And after listening only once, it was like a miracle !  I felt the stress and anxiety literally melt and a deep calm and serenity installing. The pain in my lower back disappeared (I had it for 7 years !) and I was able to stay calm during a live interview with a radio (an exercise which normally makes me nervous). So I will continue to listen to this recording everyday to consolidate the results. Thanks so much Tracey for everything.

— F.B., Manila, Philippines 

Tracey came to our Horse riding holiday and rescue centre in Spain to run a 2 day course for riders confidence. She was lovely to have around, friendly and professional. The clients attending were all very happy with her service and were riding out very confidently by the end of the course. We can thoroughly recommend Tracy and hope to have her here for future courses.

— June Wolfe, owner of Cortijo Los Lobos riding holiday centre, Andalusia, Spain

I recently undertook Tracey’s rider confidence course in Spain and found it very useful and very interesting. Although it was designed for confidence whilst riding you can transfer the skills she teaches you into any aspect of your life. It inspired me to get back to riding on my return home and so far so good. Tracey is a great communicator and a thoroughly nice person who is committed to helping people with their personal fears and phobias. Highly recommended!!

— Jan Walker, Wales. Confident to the Core Rider Training

I have a personalised recording because I live in France and not so easy to ‘pop’ over!! After contacting Tracey and completing the questionnaire I recieved my recording in under 48 hours. I listen at least 5 times a week and have actually started to sleep better!! I ride my horse every day and my problems are with jumping. For the moment my coach is jumping my mare to get her confidence back – and me – now I can’t wait to jump another course!!!

— Jo Sentance, Brittany, France

Tracey is amazing! She gives your brain a real workout and before you know it your thinking for yourself again!

— Jackie Murphy, UK. Confident to the Core Rider Training

I want to say how pleased I am that I stumbled across this course. I’ve only gotten half way through it but already the difference in my horse is quite profound. He has a whole new rider. I actually found myself laughing out loud at him getting spooky a few days ago and joking with an onlooker as we pranced around the arena – 10 days ago my heart rate would have gone through the roof and I’d have been nervous getting on the following day. Tracey I can’t thank you enough. I didn’t think it was possible to start getting true confidence back once it was lost. You’ve proved me wrong!

— Lucy Baker, South Wales. Confident to the Core Rider Confidence Training

Hi Tracey, it was great meeting you on Saturday and just to say thank you so much for allowing me an insight into your work, it’s a great thing you do and so nice to see a room of eyes full of hope and positivity. .

[My student] Helen had a great weekend and I’m sure this will give her a great boost towards her goals.

— Debs Hurst, Riding Instructor and observer on Confident to the Core at Cortijo Los Lobos, Andalusia, Spain.  

Hey Tracey!

I am so excited by my personalized mp3 hypnosis. It is making an enormous difference to achieving my goals. I can really hear the mix of hypnosis and NLP you have combined for a great effect. I’m hoping my goals will hit the roof now!

— Eliska Maracek, Czech Republic

Dear Tracey

A massive thank-you for a wonderful week. Your enthusiasm and knowledge has captured my imagination, to the possibilities of the people I can help. Your approach has encouraged me to be more confident and realise my potential. I have thoroughly enjoyed my week with you – Thank-You!

— Rachel Dudley, Birmingham, UK. NLP Coach Practitioner Training

Thank you so much Tracey. This training has started a turning point in my life that I know is so positive. For the first time in my life I am confident in my direction and know I have found ‘my place ‘.

Thank you so much

— Chantelle Jennison, Nottinghamshire, UK. NLP Coach Practitioner Training

I recently took the NLP Coach Practitioner training with Tracey Cole and it was an amazing experience. I’m a horse riding coach with a focus on helping horse women build their confidence for handling and riding horses. While I could help many women, there were some with deep anxieties that I simply didn’t have the tools to help.

The NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis techniques I learned from Tracey has not only given me the know how to help more horsewomen with their confidence, I can also see clearly how to help them in other areas of their lives.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, that opens up a lot of new possibilities for my business.

An added bonus to taking this training was getting a handle on and shifting some of my limiting beliefs during the program.

Tracey is a wonderful, empathetic and compassionate instructor who is well informed on this subject, paints a great picture and gets the learnings across loud and clear.

— Anne Gage, Ontario, Canada

I have had the most wonderful learning experience with the best NLP trainer and the greatest bunch of fellow students any one could wish for. Thank you for all the laughter, sharing and wisdom. Can’t wait until next time.

— Hazel, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Hi Tracey. I just thought I’d let you know I delivered the big speech I was talking about on our course today. I used lots of bits we learnt on the course went for visuals first then verbal and then kinaesthetics and influenced the influencers with my body language. I also included a metaphor to start and finish with. It went really, really well, much better than anything I’ve done before and I got lots of compliments from some really influential people. Thanks so much again for the course! Feel free to use this in you’re marketing if it’s any use to you.

— Jude Hutchinson

The one day course, “Create a Balanced New You,” was quite a revelation to me. Suddenly, I realised that I have been wasting so much time dwelling on the negative side of my life, that I had forgotten to live, I’d lost the real me. Thanks to the techniques I’ve learnt on the course, I will be steering this ship into unchartered and very exciting waters. Thank-you for making the day one to remember!

— Leslie, Colne

Dear Tracey, I just wanted to say a huge thank-you for the Time Line Therapy Session last week. As you know, I’ve suffered from depression most of my life and am currently taking anti-depressants. After just one Time Line Therapy session, I feel lighter and brighter! I want you to now that I’ll be recommending you to my friends, as well as talking to my GP about the difference it has made. I cannot thank you enough.

— David, Macclesfield

Just wanted to say thank you for the fabulous course [NLP Practitioner Training]. Was very tired mentally when I got home but well worth all that effort. I have since felt calmer, an inner peace and like I’m in a kind of protective bubble. When those baggage thoughts come at me they hit this bubble and get bounced into space unable to hurt me anymore – it really is a lovely feeling. I have secretly lacked confidence especially in myself in the past but this week I have had a voice in my head saying I can do this!

— Jean, Cheshire, UK

The course gave me invaluable insight into using this programme to coach people with anxiety, phobias and general confidence issues, quickly and effectively. I can’t stress enough how good this course was, I’ve come back from it with a new found enthusiasm for work and some great ideas for both my current business and for working with individuals and groups to help with confidence and overcome problems when riding and for life’s roller coaster in general.

The NLP Practitioner Coach course I attended with Tracey was really worthwhile. Tracey made the course engaging and clear, her approach was both professional and friendly throughout and  I was able to clearly see how I could fit different aspects into improving my business marketing, and overall system, to improve my business and create a happier, more effective team, which will in turn lead to more sales and improved service. The balance of theory and practical activities The team were more than enthused with some of things I learnt which I was able to implement immediately and I have a programme sorted out to continue to implement over the coming months.

— Judith, Northumberland, UK

In a nutshell, as a result of a series of incidents, I had found myself so busy worrying about what MIGHT happen next that I couldn’t focus on what WAS happening now. I have the help of an instructor who knows me and my horse well and is very supportive and encouraging. I am fortunate to have fellow riders and a livery yard owner who also encourage and support, and they all know when it’s the right time to push me out of my comfort zone.

Despite all of this I still felt that the biggest problem was in my head. MOST of the time I ride, my horse behaves well, but if I spent all my time worrying about something that wasn’t actually happening at the time I couldn’t be an effective rider and we weren’t progressing.

I decided to make an appointment with Tracey Cole for some NLP and confidence coaching and I have to say, although this was only two weeks ago, I have noticed a tremendous difference. I feel completely different now when I am riding and can focus on riding the horse that is actually underneath me at that moment, rather than the horse I think she might become in a minute. My horse seems more relaxed and more responsive, I think because she feels more commitment and consistency in the way I ride. It’s early days yet but so far I have started to look forward to riding again and although there has still been an odd buck or spook, I have sat with it and carried on without it becoming a big issue. I will post a link to Tracey’ s website below so you can take a look, I can highly recommend that you give her a call.

— Jane, Staffordshire, UK

I had never experienced NLP before my first session with Tracey, so I was nervous about it. However, I needn’t have worried, as Tracey was easy to talk to, reassuring, and understanding. I was hoping to lose weight, and have been slowly but steadily losing weight since our sessions. I also gained other benefits that I wasn’t expecting. Tracey taught me some useful techniques for relaxation, and also looked at the wider aspects of how I was feeling. We worked on looking at my personal values, and having understood those better, I felt more at peace before I had even lost any weight. I would highly recommend NLP with Tracey.


— Heather, North Yorshire

I have seen Tracey twice now for two separate issues. I found that after sorting one area of my life, relationships, I felt I could benefit from further help with stress and illness. I now feel 100% better and am able to tackle the issues that would once throw me into the depths of despair. I found that counselling doesn’t particularly help me as it’s going over the same old ground but to retrain the way I thought and behaved would release me from the same old.  Tracey is like a breath of fresh air, her approach to me as a client was wonderful, non judgmental and plenty of support either through email or telephone and of course, our sessions. My family have seen the difference in me and I feel as though I have been released from years of negative beliefs. Einstein’s definition of madness is to keep repeating the same old behaviours and expecting a different outcome, so make the investment in yourself. Thank you Tracey, you have reintroduced me to my old self.

— A very grateful Chris S

Hi Tracey, I got the job! Thanks for all your help (with interview nerves [sic])

— Deborah Watts

I would recommend Tracey, she has helped me a lot. My confidence is a million times better, I can my ride down to a 1.20m oxer now and not be worried about it.

— Ann M

Thank-you for all of your help! And putting up with me!

— Gemma R

Tracey Cole’s one-day break-through session was very, very special. It came at a time when I was transitioning from one career to another. I knew that support from a Master Practitioner of NLP would have enormous value. Even so, I hadn’t anticipated quite how valuable it would be!

The session began with an hour or so of gentle, though searching, questions – a conversation, if you like, during which Tracey guided me through the process of discovery. This created the foundation for the rest of the day, and for Tracey’s skilful use of various NLP and Time Line Therapy™ techniques to break through the barriers that would get in the way of my success.

You’ve had those days, haven’t you, when you wonder where the time’s gone? Well this was definitely one of them, and at the end of it I knew that everything was just ‘different’. This was truly a day that changed my life – with Tracey’s help and support I have, without a shadow of a doubt, broken through those barriers and am on course to the future that’s absolutely perfect for me.

Our day together ended with the most amazing hypnotherapy session designed just for me, so that all of the wonderful changes from the day were really set in place. Now, having had a few days to reflect, I really can’t recommend Tracey highly enough. How would I describe her? Well she’s everything you’d expect from a highly effective Master of her craft – she’s skilful, supportive, charming and fun.

Thank you again Tracey for an amazing day.

— Judy Jones, Okehampton, Devon

Thank-you very much for yesterday I found the sessions really beneficial :). I tested to see if I could get back my fears about open spaces – I went for a walk across the fields, on my own and I couldn’t get my phobia back. I’ll definitely recommend you to anybody I know it would help!

— Katie, Cheshire

What can I say? I had such a fear of flying it was affecting my job and even my relationship with my partner. I was terrified of flying and the fear started as soon as I had to look for tickets on the internet. Having NLP and hypnotherapy really changed my life! I’m so grateful, I can visit the destination of my dreams – South America, without the dread and fear.

Thank-you Tracey, I appreciate all the preparation you did to make the session go so well.

— Evelynne, Staffordshire

I didn’t really think that hypnosis would work for me, but I decided to give it a go, as previous counselling sessions had not worked and I was willing to try anything! I have had weight issues since being a child and have found it led to minor depression during my teens and 20s. Now in my 30s, I am free of those feelings of guilt and shame that lowered my self-esteem and confidence. I love the new me and it’s all thanks to you, Tracey. You have given me back the life I should have had! If only I had met you 10 years ago! Thank-you, thank-you.

— L.B.

I came to see Tracey when I was at a cross-roads in my life. My partner was having an affair and my job was unfulfilling and stressful. Tracey was completely non-judgemental and supportive in her approach. She calmly took me through Time Line Therapy™ (which I’d never even heard of) and  the fog of the last 2 years started to lift. after two sessions, I felt like a different person. I knew how to handle my relationship and career. I knew where I wanted to be and I started the first steps to get there. Perhaps the most profound session for me was when Tracey used parts integration. I didn’t feeling anything other than relaxed at the time, but about 12 hours later -boom! Life looked a whole lot more easy to get on with, what had I been worried about before?

I can’t recommend Tracey high enough. She has intelligence, empathy and sense of humour in spades. The sessions changed my life, what more can I say?

— M.B., Stoke-on-Trent

After investing in a personalised hypnotherapy recording for horse-riding confidence:

Gulliver and I are going great guns! The fear has gone and I’m back to loving riding and doing some of my best riding. Thank-you so much for your help.

— Julia, Australia

I just wanted to give you a quick update on how things are going with my riding.
Maggie is sound again so we have been slowly increasing her work load.
We’ve been doing lots of hacking on the roads in company, we’ve both been relaxed and enjoyed it. There were some times before the actual hack where I felt my nerves coming on (can feel it now just writing about it) so I recalled the work we did visualising the perfect ride and I felt much better.  There have been a couple of spooks and minor incidents, but I dealt with them in the moment and then we returned to be relaxed and happy. I’ve also bought your book and am slowly working my way through it.  It was useful to think about the filtering we do. So now I’m trying to focus on the 99% of the hack that went well and the fact that the bit that didn’t go to plan didn’t really matter as I dealt with it.
I’ve also been doing a lot of riding in the big canter field on our own. Maggie used to get a bit tense in there, but now it’s our happy relaxed place. It’s fantastic in there at the moment with the skylarks and other birds singing (they were part of my perfect ride imaginings).  Last week I decided it was time for us to canter. I didn’t make a big thing about it just decided on the night it was the right time to try. It went really well and we’ve done it a few times since.
Yesterday I had a dressage lesson with my instructor, Maggie was so relaxed that the instructor thought it might be a good time to canter in the school. I didn’t argue but just popped her into canter. The first canter I tried to just sit and  relax so it became a little unbalanced.  The second one the instructor reminded me to ride like I do in trot and it was the most amazing balanced steady canter! We didn’t do it for long as Maggie is still getting fit, but I felt like I’d won Olympic gold!!
I also fell off my friends horse jumping a few weeks ago (first time I’ve fallen off jumping in about 35 years so could have been a big deal). I got back on and finished the lesson despite being in pain / shock. But I didn’t replay it over and over or focus negatively on it and importantly it didn’t set me back any.
My next goal is to be able to hack on our own, but I might try that off road somewhere where traffic isn’t in the mix.
Thanks so much for your help with this, the techniques and more importantly change in mindset are making a massive difference.
Stella and Maggie

— Stella Steed, U.K.

I have to tell you the wonderful news. I cantered on Sumaya in the arena today. We even did a full round. I can’t thank you enough, I’m absolutely overjoyed.

Thank you so much for the amazing hypnotherapy recording.

— Jenny Mortier, Egypt