Stress Elimination

Do you feel any of the following?

Frequently tired, even if you have a restful night
Muscular aches and pains
Panic attacks
Feelings of being overwhelmed
Skin rashes or unexplained skin irritation
Digestive problems
Phobias or strong fears
Compulsions, including eating disorders
Inability to relax

You may be suffering from stress, which is manifesting as the above physical conditions. When you are stressed, you feel that you have no way out; you can’t see a means of escape. Our minds are often too inundated to think clearly, even to seek help. Stress drains us both mentally and physically, but the feelings associated with emotional overwhelm can be controlled and this will enable you to cope with today’s pressures and daily routines.

NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and hypnosis work to eliminate stress, rather than merely manage it. These gentle, yet powerful techniques are not coping mechanisms, but rather abolishing mechanisms. We provide alternative strategies for the unconscious mind, giving us more clarity, positivity and control. We also take the much needed time to relax and allow the mind to sample a different, empowering and compelling perspective.

I work with clients in a fully supportive, understanding role, encouraging them to see how to take back control and embrace their future with a positive outlook.


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