Rider Confidence Workshops

Join us on this rider confidence course, you’ll hear about how your own mind works and how to tweak it to re-think your thinking! Improving mental skills and mental preparations is paramount for riders; it’s just as important as the physical aspects of riding. Riding without an effective mindset is hard and can whittle away any enjoyment. However, one of the great benefits of a mindset for success is that as your psychological approach improves, so too does your physicality. It’s the perfect win-win!

My trainings are always a combination of laughter and learning, there are plenty of a-ha moments and you take away practical skills to use whilst on or off the horse. We’ll have the opportunity to practise all the skills, so you master them.

On this Using Anchoring for Rider Confidence workshops, you’ll………..

*Find out about the fascinating complexities of human behaviour in an easy-to-learn style that makes good sense
*Be able to take more control of your own thinking and perceptions
*Find out how your unconscious (aka subconscious) mind works – this is the part of the mind where all the memories, emotions and habits are stored. This is exactly the part of the mind we need to work on to enhance our mental attitudes and mental preparations
*Learn quick, reliable and effective techniques that I teach to professional riders – to enhance their confidence and belief in their abilities to succeed.

*If you’re a trainer, instructor or coach, why not join us to see how Anchoring can help you to change your own perceptions of yourself as a rider and teacher and how to develop unshakeable confidence in your ability to be the teacher you know you can be! *Use this workshop as a taster for more advanced course in NLP!


Next rider confidence workshops – Saturday 19th October (last one till 2020!) at Fit2Ride Studio, Cockshades, Wybunbury CW5 7HA – 10am-1pm

To book this workshop, simply email [email protected] or call 07815016169 or use the secure payment method below, it’s just £40 for the 3 hour workshop. These are held regularly in Wynbunbury, near Nantwich, Cheshire, as well as in other locations (please email for details).

You may also want to hold your own workshop at your yard or other venue – simply find another 5 riders to join you and your rider confidence workshop is free!


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