Ride Confident – 2020

Looking for short, sharp, rapid results for riding confidence in the new decade?

Look no further, we have a cheap as chips offer to get 2020 off to a great start!

Ride Confident – 2020

We’re all busy people and with the dark nights in the northern hemisphere, time seems shorter. With the longer days in the southern hemisphere, there’s a sense of needing to make a difference in your riding before autumn returns.


It’s easy to feel that urgency of wanting to get on.


We all have dips in motivation. Cold or rainy weather, slow progress, lack of confidence all get in the way of pushing forward with any riding goals.


You look at yourself, maybe a past version of you as a rider, or a past version as a passionate competitor and wonder where it’s gone!


I can tell you now, nowhere! You have it right there, inside your head!

Your mind has stowed away all that past rider ability and confidence, it’s all there still!


Imagine, for a second that you have stumbled upon the key to getting back to where you want to be. It’s time for Ride Confident – 2020. Your confidence has had a sudden rocket booster behind it! Imagine rapid results! Imagine riding better, because the fear has left!


That’s what I want to help you with, this January and for a cheap as chips price to get you going great in 2020.

  • 4 x 20 minute Zoom calls Thursdays in January, 8pm UK time (GMT)
  • Starting 2nd January.
  • 1 x 20 minute Q&A call for week 5
  • Short, sharp, get-to-the-point sessions. No faff. No frills.

Usual price for Ride Confident – 2020 is  £99. Now just £29 for the first 20 participants.


That’s it!

You can pay here and I’ll sign you up, then I’ll be along to send you your Zoom invitation and web link to log into on 2nd Jan.


Photo credit: Raven Photography