NLP for Equestrian Success! Gloucestershire

Have you been intrigued by all the mentions of NLP (neurolinguistic programming)? As an equestrian, an instructor, an equestrian business person, you may have come across NLP in various guises. Why is this branch of psychology the go-to for mindset success in equestrian sport and business, as well as personal and professional development? We are combining a board accredited 3-certification training with a whole day of practical ways to use your knowledge for business, PR or marketing. Remember, that even if you aren’t looking to NLP for business, the art of selling yourself for your career is mindset gold!

NLP – what is it?

It’s a collection of the most useful, quick and highly effective techniques and concepts gathered from behavioural and cognitive psychology, hypnotherapy, counselling and linguistics. The founders of NLP decided to make these rather academic subject areas accessible to all. John Grinder, a linguistics professor and Richard Bandler, then a computer and psychology major, decided to cherry pick the very best of the best, without losing the foundations that underpin the techniques. NLP gives us a very comprehensive toolkit to enhance ourselves and others, in area area of life. Whether you’d like to be more motivated, confident, doubt-free, crystal clear on your way forward, whether you want to remove whatever blocks hold you back or simply learn how to do business in a way that speaks to the minds of your clients, NLP is a mindset game-changer without equal. This exceptional equestrian-centred opportunity is not to be missed, imagine now how success feels and imagine now the reality of it.


How is the training done?

You’ll be excited to know that you can start your training right now! As soon as you have paid your deposit or paid in full, we’ll send you your pre-study pack. This is your manual and a set of 9 pre-study online videos, together with a learning quiz to keep you on your toes! Your really can start learning (and practising with yourself or friends) right away! This is a recipe for change, how long have you been waiting for that?

This is a small-group training, with a maximum of only 8 equestrians (one place has already been reserved!). By keeping the group small, we will be able to deliver a more individualised training. It’s more beneficial for everyone to feel relaxed and able to ask questions!

For the face to face training, 16th-23rd November 2019, we will be working in the beautiful, peaceful surroundings of Waterend Farm, Coaley, Dursley, Gloucestershire. GL11 5DR. There are limited B&B rooms available on site. Should you wish to book, please do so directly here. 

This is where the magic really begins. You will receive 6 full days training in NLP, NLP Coaching (to self-coach or coach others) and Time Line Therapy® (a powerful branch of NLP; useful in removing negative emotions and limiting beliefs easily and effectively). This course isn’t simply about learning techniques, though! You might not be aware that as we learn, we will be working in pairs, one person as the client and one person as the Practitioner. As a client, you will remove any lack of confidence issues, doubt, limiting beliefs and inner conflicts as we progress. Epic! What a bonus! You remove what’s holding you back into the bargain! I also have a little secret to reveal to you too. I’ll be using NLP  throughout the training, to further install in you positive, confident, winning ways, naturally and unconsciously! Why not read more about NLP in our handy PDF for equestrian mindset

On day 7, the PR, Marketing and Business expert, Tara Best of Tara Punter PR will deliver and exciting and exclusive day of training that will help to spearhead the way to turning your new mindset into practice.

A truly life-changing, unique training and a not to be missed opportunity to forge ahead, and put an end to the struggling!


How to join us

You can email Tracey (info@traceycolenlp.com) or Tara (tara@tarapunterpr.co.uk) or book a complimentary call with Tracey to chat more about the training here.

  1. You can pay in full and save £300 – the investment is £1997
  2. You can a deposit and then pay in instalments – the investment is £2297
  3. For the first two people to book and pay in full, we have a super discount – the investment is only £1697

Need to know more?

  • This training is all about being the equestrian or equestrian business owner you know you can be and with confidence whenever and wherever
  • Even if you don’t know anything about NLP or psychology or about the unconscious mind, you can start right here, right now and learn in a very easy way, learn the techniques to really be what you know you can be. And then inspire others to be the same!
  • The certifications are all board-accredited, professional, international qualifications
  • Learn to get rid of all those things that hold you back, so that you start with a fresh, clean slate, which you can self-maintain and, if you’re looking to coach others, you can support others through the process too.
  • Tracey has a vast knowledge and experience of teaching NLP. She trained in Manchester and in the United States, with the largest and most influential NLP training company in the world – The Tad James Co. She is an accredited Trainer of NLP, NLP Coaching, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis, specialising in the equestrian world.
  • Learn from the Best! Tara’s equestrian industry know-how is fields ahead of the competition. Tara will help you to craft yourself or your business and explore how best to promote yourself using social media and other outlets. As a business coach herself, she will deliver an unrivalled not-to-be-missed day of strategy and mindset!