MP3 recordings


1. Rider confidence mp3. Whatever your level or discipline, tap into your own inner confident rider in this hypnosis mp3. Relax deeply as become absorbed in the visualisations that create new neural pathways for your mind to use when you ride.   (Run time 39  minutes) £30. pay securely by card below.


2. Remove what holds you back. Read this free PDF to find out more about limiting  beliefs and how they hold you back – Remove what holds you back . Once you’ve identified them, let’s eliminate them using this powerful method (Run time 9 minutes). The music in the background is at the same frequency as theta waves in the brain.  It is said that theta waves are where you experience the most vivid visualisations and creativity. These are the waves of insight and inspiration. £10. pay securely by card below.



3. Personalised hypnotherapy mp3 recordings 

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