Introduction to NLP for Equestrians

NLP – neurolinguistic programming – is one of the most exciting, easy to learn, yet advanced, mind technologies available. If you want to bolster your confidence, control your thinking to your own advantage or really connect with your clients on their journey to confident riding, this workshop is just for you. Our workshops take place in Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Yorkshire and Cheshire. If you’d like to host your own workshop in these counties or elsewhere, please get in touch!


You can also attend a Zoom workshop, individually or in small groups, please contact me for more information ([email protected])


On this one day Introduction to NLP course, you’ll hear about how your own mind works and how to tweak it to re-think your thinking! Improving mental skills and mental preparations is paramount for riders; it’s just as important as the physical aspects of riding!  Riding without an effective mindset is hard and can whittle away any enjoyment. However, one of the great benefits of a mindset for success is that as your psychological approach improves, so too does your physicality. It’s the perfect win-win!

My trainings are always a combination of laughter and learning, there are plenty of a-ha moments and you take away practical skills to use whilst on or off the horse. We’ll have the opportunity to practise all the skills, so you master them.

On this workshop, you’ll………..

  • Find out about the fascinating complexities of human behaviour in an easy-to-learn style that makes good sense – what makes us tick?
  • Learn about how your own mind works, as a rider and when you’re not riding – get to know yourself even better!
  • Work on verbal and non-verbal communication and realise you can build instant rapport with others – greta for anyone who is an instructor or has services/products to sell or those on ‘lively’ livery yards!
  • Be able to take more control of your own thinking and perceptions – know how to stop the ‘what ifs’
  • Find out how the unconscious (aka subconscious) mind works – this is the part of the mind where all the memories, emotions and habits are stored. This is exactly the part of the mind we need to work on to enhance our mental attitudes and mental preparations
  • Learn a quick, reliable and effective technique that I teach to professional riders – to enhance their confidence and belief in their abilities to succeed

To book this Introduction to NLP for Equestrians, simply email [email protected] or call 07815016169 or use the secure payment method below, it’s just £75 for the day, including your certificate in Introduction to NLP for Equestrians.

The next training is at: Stubley Hollow Farm, Stubley Hollow, Dronfield, Sheffield S18 1PP 28th July 2018, 10am-4pm

If you would like to host a one day workshop for you and your friends, at your yard or home, please get in touch.