Excellence in Education

Are you wanting to improve examination grades?

Are you keen to engage students?

Do you want to teach so that learners are armed with learning skills for life?

Our trainings in education use the very latest techniques in mind technology to give teachers, lecturers, trainers and educators clear and practical means of teaching students how to learn. This isn’t a wishy-washy fad to be replaced by some other type of intervention. The use of Neuro-linguistic Programming for learning is well established and furnishes us with a solid, proven framework for accelerated learning. Moreover, teachers are now increasingly applying NLP techniques in the classroom for the benefit of each type of learner (not simply VAK as you may have been trained in), and it’s even being adopted as part of the curriculum in some universities.

Linguistic is our middle name, so you would expect second-to-none trainings in communication, in all its forms, both verbal and non-verbal and, how when used with volition, such communication can engage, influence and persuade in a classroom setting. NLP is therefore perfectly attuned to the  interactive nature of 21st century teaching and learning. Being NLP-trained affords the educator greater flexibility in communication style, whilst allowing for seamless incorporation into current lessons, planning and schemes of work. In fact, NLP alleviates workload, because classroom management becomes more natural, less forced, and the teacher is freed to teach and enjoy the chalkface again!

In addition, NLP techniques are at the forefront of therapeutic solutions for emotional and behavioural problems, dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, lack of self esteem and confidence. We offer one to one sessions for individuals and small groups, so that those students can enter the learning environment more positively and productively.

For further information, please download our ‘Excellence in Education’ brochure and use the contact form below if you have any queries or would like to book.

Excellence in Education Brochure

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