Empowered Equestrian™ Coach Training in Brief

This training is multi-faceted, you’ll learn so much more about yourself and others. You’ll have an impressive set of mindset techniques at your fingertips. What’s more, these techniques are known to bring about rapid results, something clients and Empowered Equestrian  Coaches love (and something that sets you apart)!


You can also attend this training via Zoom! One to one or in groups of up to 4 people.

  • The Empowered Equestrian Coach training is all about being the rider you know you can be and with CONFIDENCE you can tap into whenever and wherever.
  • The training is for all riders, of all levels and disciplines with an interest in developing a robust mindset as a rider
  • It’s for current instructors, trainers and coaches who want to standout as an exceptional equestrian mindset coach and help recreational and amateur riders to overcome fears and doubts, as well as those wanting to coach to enhance performance and their competitive, winning ways.
  • For more details Empowered Equestrian™ Coach Training or to book a chat with me click here


Empowered Equestrian Coach TrainingDatesEarly birdFull payment
4 certifications: NLP, NLP Coaching, Time Line Therapy (R) & Hypnosis24th - 31st October 2020

30th May 2021 - 6th June (8 days)
Until 1st April 2021
£1997; 12 x monthly interest-free instalments available
£1997 (October 2020)
£2357 (2021 dates)
1 certification in NLP24th-27th October 2020

30th May- 2nd June 2021
or 12 x monthly interest-free instalments
3 certifications in NLP Coaching, Time Line Therapy(R) and Hypnosis. NLP Practitioner is a pre-requisite 28th-31st October 2020

3rd - 6th June 2021 (4 days)