Here’s where you can sign up for a variety of courses, mp3 recordings and my book, The Confident Rider Mindset


A self-paced online course to develop a positive and robust mindset, developed for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

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1. Confident to the Core – Equestrian e-learning course

For those wanting to overcome riding anxiety. A 5 hour course based on live webinars.

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2. Ride Confident in the 2020s

A cheap and cheerful, quick and easy set of videos to boost confidence.

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3. Associate of Equestrian NLP

For those wanting more background into how the unconscious mind works and how to make sure it works for us, not against us! This course can be a stepping stone to becoming an NLP Practitioner.

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Easy to listen to mp3 recordings based on common issues


BOOK – The Confident Rider Mindset (how to hack you mind for riding success)

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