A Balanced New You Workshop

A Balanced New You workshop is specifically designed for those feeling anxious, low or stressed; it’s definitely for you if you feel stuck, at a cross-roads or need help in setting your goals for the future. Sound familiar? The day is a breath of fresh air, a way to be clear about the person you really are, a means of getting back to yourself again. We’ll chat about each technique and I’ll show you how to make them work for you. There’s no need to share any personal information during the workshop, as all the work is done inside your own mind, by you and for you!

A Balanced New You workshop is a whole day to spend on yourself, a spa day for the mind!

During the day, we will

  • Set goals in words that the mind understands. Believe it or not, the part of the mind that gets your goals, the unconscious mind, may not understand the logic of the part of your mind that sets the goals, the conscious mind. We will easily tweak goals so that they resonate with the unconscious mind.
  • Discuss how our unconscious mind works – so that you know when you are inadvertently self-sabotaging. This part of the day will reveal how you can stop being your own worst enemy and start to see step change improvements. Your mind might seem to be working against you, but surprisingly, it’s always doing the best for you – it may be that there’s miscommunication as to what you really want. You can open up a unambiguous conversation so that your mind is completely on board and understands what you want to achieve. And will work with you to expedite results.
  • Easily and effortlessly remove unhelpful, negative emotions from the past – even ones that you thought you’d dealt with.
  • Consider what blocks you have to being, doing and having what you want and then remove them, so that you feel lighter, brighter and freed from unnecessary mental constraints.
  • The day ends with a deep relaxation to seal in all the changes that you’ve made and to leave feeling renewed and re-balanced.

The workshop is intended to be informal, with lots of laughter and learning. You’ll be able to chat to others, have a giggle, have some light-bulb moments and see just how powerful your mind is.

If you would like more information about A Balanced New You workshop, contact us using the form below. Perhaps you’d like to hold your own workshop? Simply get a few friends together and contact us.

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