Are you struggling with your mindset?


  • Is your mindset getting in the way?
  • You know you could do better, if only you had more confidence, fewer doubts and fewer what ifs?
  • Have you reached a stalemate in your riding performance, equestrian coaching or equestrian business? As a riding instructor, do you need a more reliable income stream?


If you need training or coaching in mindset, relax, you’re in the right place. There’s a reason you’ve found this page, so why not book a free, no obligation call and see how I can help you with all your mindset issues.

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What clients love!


“I have been to many of Tracey’s training and I’m always delighted with the exceptionally high standards. Her delivery is always perfect, easy to understand and most of all, fun! I have become a practitioner now, certified with Tracey and can not recommend her highly enough.” Chantelle Jennison, Double Clear NLP Practitioner

“Tracey is like a breath of fresh air, her approach to me as a client was wonderful, non judgmental and plenty of support either through email or telephone and of course, our sessions. My family have seen the difference in me and I feel as though I have been released from years of negative beliefs.” Chris S.

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